Thursday, January 16, 2014

A thank YOU to Everyone, A 20% off sale, Plus Added Freebies....So what does THAT Mean???

Hi everyone. I wanted to invite you OFFICIALLY to my store with a 20% off SALE, kicking off the NEW YEAR.

      This means that you can buy, or not if you don't want to.

      It also means you can browse and get to know me, my products and what I do.

      Lastly, it's an opportunity for you to download at least one free item. WHY?

             Well, I know many people have "click here for the freebie." I don't have that yet, but rest assured, I am working on it. SO, in the meantime, take a virtual stroll down the Main Street of my town and take a look. I sincerely hope you find some fantastic bargains. Here is my flyer. . .

God Bless, and Happy New Year, Happy Writing and Creating to you all.
Gina (PerfettoWritingRoom)

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