Monday, November 23, 2015

Save The Season! A few of the Hardest Workin' Teacher Authors Help YOU!

A LOT of Things Thwart Your Ability to Teach and Plan During the Winter Months.

Between  Thanksgiving and New Year's, the assemblies, pageants, half days, vacations, and expectations for you to GET THINGS done despite a schedule that looks like Swiss cheese.....

                                             LET ME ASK YOU THIS, is it a wee bit stressful?

And what about the students, hmmm? Are they as ON TASK as you need or want them to be?

Among the kid who gets to go to Bali and insists on telling everyone about it every chance he gets, a handful of others who are talking about what they want as gifts, and the rest of them staring out the window because they are WISHING flakes to appear so they can go home....I guess we can agree that the answer to this one, probably they are not as on task as you want them to be.

But What about you? Are you not guilty as well? Do you feel like this? And perhaps look this?

                                            Image result for crazy teacher
Maybe, in addition to a dwindling schedule and an ever increasing number of requirements, you also have to go shopping and join the HORDES of ANGRY CONSUMERS?

                         Image result for crazy shoppers     Image result for crazy shoppers

And then there's that FAMILY GET-TOGETHER, which is not at all stressful....

                          Image result for crazy family dinner     Image result for crazy family meal

SO NOW that THAT is settled... YOU MIGHT need some help getting from November through February, right?

PWR (that's ME!) and some of the finest teacher-sellers anywhere, SUGGEST

1. A Strong and organized lesson plan. This always cuts down on student management issues. During this time of year, you can't blame yourself or the students when they don't want to pay attention. They know they have time off to look forward to. However, a strong and rigorous plan with assessment funnels that energy, keeping students busy and focused until the end.

2. The plan should be fun and topical. In addition to be thoughtfully constructed to fill the necessary time, the more topical it is, the more likely students are to attend to the activity. Whether the work is analysis, research, writing, a project, (Or fill in the blanks), students seem more on board with an activity that related to the season, and one that ends with a fun closure or culminating "graded" activity on the final day.

3. It should require LESS planning than usual from you. This is essential during a period of the school year that, if it is to be believed, is even more over-scheduled and hectic than usual.  You need all the help you can get. Use the pre-planned activities and lessons you have or see the ones we have specially chosen for you, then, use them every year. Some of the ones we have below are FREE but all are reasonably priced. 

CLICK on ALL or ANY to learn more....Have fun, and enjoy today and the rest of holiday rush!  Special Thanks to Brynn Allison the Literary Maven, Dr. Ellen Weber, Literary Sherri, Brain Waves Instruction, and Secondary Sara!  
See how these resources can make YOUR SEASON BRIGHTER! 

Winter Holidays Common Core Research Presentation Project    Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause: Interactive Lesson Nonfiction Close Reading - Will Your New Year's Resolutions Last?

  The Hanukkah Master Activity Pack with Common Core Standar   Writing Task Cards: December  Christmas Break Activities, Christmas Break Project, Holid

The Gift of the Magi: Short Story Literary Analysis Unit  New Year’s Writing for Teens: Choice Menu with 40 Prompts      Magi Gifts and Yours - Holiday Story and Writing

End of the Year Activity - Personal Reflection and Infographic       Nonfiction Close Reading - The Holidays: A Bit More GivingFREEBIE - Steadfast Tin Soldier. Essay Samples for Critica

10 Brainy Gifts to Give for FREE

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Grateful for Great Educators, and Great Freebies!

Marybeth at Brain Waves Instruction and Literary Sherri have done it again! 

DONE WHAT, you say? 

Why, gathered together an entire "near battalion"  of amazing, passionate, gifted and enthusiastic educators for your benefit, just in time for the Thanksgiving Season. Do you look like this? 

Well, if you don't, maybe I'm not explaining myself clearly enough!    

Sherri and Marybeth compiled TWO "Thanks & Giving" eBooks designed especially for Middle School ELA teachers.  Each book consecutively features a one-page introduction on the teacher-author, for example, what the person is grateful for. As befits the season, each Author Page is then followed by a specially created sheet, for you and your students, to be used as soon as you download! Each book features 25 teacher-authors, and 50 pages in all.  

So what is this "sheet" that I am getting? 
What that sheet is may vary according to the teacher-author! It might be a student graphic organizer, a quiz, a game, a worksheet, a helpful skills reminder, or something useful for the teacher, etc.

You have the opportunity to learn about the teacher sellers, and receive a free gift from each one.  

In total, each book is filled with 52 'Thanks' and 'Giving' pages! Are you feeling grateful yet? By all means visit Literary Sherri 's store, and Marybeth over at Brain Waves Instruction. Please, say thank you! After all, it is a "Thanks and Giving" eBook, is it not?  They make the magic happen!
And you're in a for a real treat, too, since all authors name a person and resource at TpT, right now, that they find truly exceptional. 

So How Do I  Start Downloading this great free stuff? 

Do you teach Grade 6, 7, or 8? 

Features so many wonderful activities for Grades 6 - 8. Inside you'll find a freebie by me (that's yours truly!)

And remember, once you download....say a big thank you to Sherri and Marybeth! It is, after all, Thanksgiving.