Friday, June 5, 2015

Looking Ahead & Sale

One of my SCARIEST, but best teachers  EVER - did we not all have one of those? - had above her chalk board, in large cut out stencils:


In addition to being an antimetabole, and incurring a nearly "audible eye roll" from students, it just so happened to be true. She was a mentor, not my actual English Teacher, but she sure did teach me a lot. And every student she taught went in to her class hating her GUTS, but left smarter, and somehow, loving her. 

Me and Sister Alice, fundraising

# 1. In honor of Sister Alice Boyle, who is still kicking butt and taking names, let's do a little "Planning Ahead" - Here is a TIP:

***Use Your August wisely***** - make a "macro," semester schedule, and a "Micro" first month, or, first week schedule. Set aside just ONE WEEK to do it. But make sure you do.

The amount of time it takes to organize a semester schedule, and to then break down what you will do the first week (or the first four weeks) will NOT take that much time. But, it has the following benefits:

Did you ever feel this way

A. Eases the August "ughs." - you know, the creeping dread surrounding all the work you KNOW you have to do? Stop procrastinating, sit down, do the work. Then go back to your vacation. 

B. Builds a foundation for organization. Just a little bit of work now will improve the beginning of the year, and sets a good habit for the rest of the year, too.

C. May lead to inspiration! Once you sit down and have an overarching schedule you may break through the "writer's block" of simply dreading your task, and find great ideas on the other side of that wall. 

And #2. An essential, "Start the School Year Off 'Write' " Resource

The Complete Writer's Workshop - Grades 6 - 8 - 10 -12. My favorite all-time resource! Fully Common Core Aligned, it teaches students how to properly implement and use the Writer's Workshop Model. When done at the beginning of the year, the instructor can look forward to an entire year of student-centered writing growth and progress.  
                                                   Complete Writer’s Workshop Grades 6 - 8 - 10 - 12. An 8-Da 

Keep on Learning and Teaching, Gina @ the PerfettoWritingRoom

Enjoy your SUMMER, and be sure to visit other great teachers who are LOOKING AHEAD and have great ideas and tips for you! 
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Favorite Things Linky and SALE to say "Thank You"!

It is the Monthly "Favorite Things Linky" Hosted by the wonderful Teaching Trio, and joined by MANY effective and hardworking teachers in states across America, and across the pond, too!
Before I rattle, and prattle, on, here's some of MY favorite things!

In honor of the end of the school year....

PerfettoWritingRoom is having an ENTIRE STORE SALE. Just click to see some lovely low-to no-prep items to close out your year. 


Thank you to Teaching Trio. Click their link to go back to their "Home" site. Once there, go to "Favorite things" and visit other great teachers and participants. 

AND THANK YOU for being a teacher, instructor, professor, homeschooler, or tutor, and so much more. What you do matters even more than you know. 

Gina, PerfettoWritingRoom

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sunday Scoop with Teaching Trio and SALE!!!

I'm so happy and feel blessed to join with the Teaching Trio in the Sunday Scoop. I know, it's Tuesday. What am I thinking? I am thinking that there's a lot of catching up I have to do! So without any further ado.... :

Three Things I Have to Do?

* Laundry, Laundry and more LAUNDRY.... pass the "Fels-Naphta" please (extra points for anyone who knows what that is!) 
*Whip up a homemade lentil soup with some uncured bacon from Aldi. If anyone shops at Aldi, give me a hollar. Is that place amazing or what?
*Finish planting and fertilizing the garden - I really want the honeyberries to fruit this year. 

Two Things I Hope to Do?
*Research information for my next Teachers Pay Teachers resource!
* Have some time to scope out some ranch homes in our area.

One Thing I am Happy to Do!
Throw a Sale, right now for all of my readers,
at my TPT store.
God Bless and happy teaching.