Tuesday, March 10, 2015

TPT Collaboration! NY Meetup, & GIVEAWAY!

Collaboration is one of the many things setting TPT folks apart from other entrepreneurs in the cybermarket. (Yes, I coined that). Our willingness to create interstitial bridges of friendly competition, pure collaboration for mutual gain is what makes us unique and raises high the flag that says "we all succeed together." 

I'm pulling the plug. BLOWING THE WHISTLE on myself. Let's get to to POINT!

Collaboration Extraordinaire- (Hurry before you MISS IT!)
The MAY 2  New York Meet-Up!

In case you have not visited forums, FB, and have been otherwise engaged in the tomfoolery and stuff-and-nonsense that we call life. . . there is huge shindig in Binghamton, New York where meeting, collaborating, learning and overall idea exchange will be taking place. This is IDEAL for those who cannot make the huge haul out to the VEGAS event, who prefer a smaller venue, or who want to do multiple events. While I most sadly cannot make it, I want to get the word out to the rest of you!  Here's the INFORMATION!

The above is a JPEG. Sorry folks, DON'T CLICK YET.  Rather, let me take a quote from Sherri's last FB notification... At last update, on the 7th, Literary Sherri says that:

"collaboration is not only invigorating but essential for TpT success. We're so much better when we flock together! So let's get together to exchange ideas, network, connect, collaborate and take home loads of effective tips and strategies to grow our TpT businesses!"  

I couldn't have said it better myself. 

 Organizers Include:
  • Literary Sherri  
  • Ellen Weber 
  • Brain Waves Instruction 
  • Kinders in NY 
  • The Math Spot
  • Selma Dawani 
  • Yay for Pre-K

With sessions and expenses tax-deductible for business purposes, this makes the trip to Binghamton truly enticing. 
Sherri says some sellers are coming from Ohio and Michigan, and spots are currently 1/3 filled, HOWEVER  . . . 


If you would like to join in on a wonderfully helpful and inspiring day with other teacher sellers, my advice is this: GET a MOVE ON, SALLY! Click on the Google docs link above!

. . . 

Let's take a walk 


Collaboration is really fun when you host giveaways, participate as a seller, or are buying in and get to learn about sellers. Of course it's great to win, too. I want to trumpet and laud the latest giveaway hosted by Julie Faulkner and the Language Arts Classroom.

                                    The Language Arts Classroom                Julie Faulkner
                                 Language Arts Classroom                  Julie  Faulkner

Though it is too late to enter as a seller AS a buyer, you have many options to win, So what is being offered? In THIS PACKAGE......

IF you teach at a lower grade... how about Middle School? 

And of course... let's not forget MATH. 

THE GOAL of this PROMO? Consider entering.
There are myriad uses for these products if you win, plus fantastic opportunities for you learn more about Teachers Pay Teachers, and if you are a seller, about your fellow sellers and the work they do. 

ENTER MARCH 15-29      http://languageartsclassroom.com/


 The Second Goal?  If you're reading this, you probably are wondering "Gee wiz, I sure as sass would love to enter my resource in a giveaway." And then, you're probably wondering "How did I end up in a Lassie episode?" 

Well here's a question. . . 

Why give away a great product for free?  I was in the dark about "Giveaways" for a while. At first I knew nothing about giveaways. Then, I was skeptical. 

BENEFITS are that you may get: followers who learn about your store and actually realize they could use your products; a residual or secondary purchase from a few of those followers who looked around your store while "admiring the beauty therein;" and best of all you slowly meet others and become familiar with the TPT-seller landscape.  For all of this? and probably more, the free product you offer is a small price to pay.

Keep your EYES to the sky... or more accurately to the forums for giveaway opportunities that match YOUR products best. 

Julie Faulkner says to look our for "more collaborative blog hop opportunities in the next months and our 2nd annual, secondary Back to School Giveaway in August 2015."

HEY READERS - Remember this, in order to COLLABORATE you must PARTICIPATE. So Let's Get Going! 

God Bless!
Gina, PerfettoWritingRoom


Shakespeare Feud! - Bard's Idioms in a PowerPoint Team Game!


  1. Gina, I adore the collaboration that TpT Teacher-Authors foster with one another . . . it doesn't escape me that you shared information about a meet-up you're unable to attend. What a perfect example of the type of collaboration that is so unique to TpT!

    You will be missed! I look forward to meeting you at a future meet-up! (. . . and thank you for all the info in this post about the giveaway, too! Off to enter . . .!)

    Literary Sherri

    1. Not sure if you saw the new updated version Sherri. Having a difficult time with my backgrounds over here! I very much want to attend the next one and thank you so much for popping in to comment!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome event....collaboration is definitely the key to success in teaching and on TpT! I'm looking forward to checking out your blog!

    - Karry

    1. Thanks for coming by to read and comment. I hope you are interested in the Giveaway (as a buyer or NEXT time as a seller :) or in the NY meetup. I'm so sad I can't attend! gina