Monday, February 23, 2015

Sails up and Away! - Full Speed ahead, Teachers and Sellers!

Welcome to another adventure. Winter is probably the worst time of year, for teachers and students both. 

February in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania is harsh. There's not much sunlight, energy is low. Yes... for everyone. Can we all just watch  Stranger than Fiction, Casablanca, or one episode after another of The Universe
until it gets warmer?

Teachers Pay Teachers. HUGE LIFESAVER. 

One of the bright and shining lights for me has been the TeachersPayTeachers' regional meetup, hosted by Bethany Lau of  Math and Science with Mrs. Lau,  Brynn Allison also knows as the Literary Maven, and Danielle Knight over at Study All Knight

The TPT Meet-Up and the Epic

This meet and greet on February 21, my first, was in many ways an epic adventure, complete with quest, epic catalogs, (or at least a brochure), epithets,  and what seemed to be like "interference of the gods."  I know you think I'm joking. It took us ONE hour to drive there in an "iron horse," - how's that for your epithet?- but over THREE hours to get back due to a dangerous snow storm. We did suspect some foul play from a wrathful god. And if not from a  wrathful god, than at least from one who probably was gambling with our lives. My guess is Bacchus. 

But neither wind, rain, fire (any R&B band actually), snow, or tumult can dissuade a group of TPT-ers from having their Regional TPT Meeting. And I for one am very grateful!

So here is a picture. We Teachers Pay Teachers attendees at the Panera Bread in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Can't we get a "Hollar" for all of the wonderful people, for the kindness, esprit de corps, and sense of  pure pluck?

And here we all are, joyful and awkwardly posed for longer than is advised by your local physician. But the photo is nice! And we all managed to fit...

Yes, We're Here to Help!

SO if you're a TEACHER like we are, exhausted by the STURM und Drang of it all and really just need a rest, well, Boy oh Boy are YOU in Luck. Whether it's the great anchor charts, flip charts, designated study guides for Gothic lit or any other genre or sub-genre, poetry annotations, labs for science, Power Points, C-V-C lessons... or well, are you getting the idea that I can go on, and on?

If we're willing to drive through a storm to see each other... imagine what we'd do to help you and your students?  

A Huge Sale is coming up on Wednesday, February 25th. 

Please visit some of these wonderful folks who I've met at the meet-up, and others who I've worked with in the past, and just gifted and wonderful creators and educators. Stop by their stores today or whenever you read this... you never know what great sale or freebie they may have in store to make your life easier! All types of products, resources, subjects, bundled items... 

OOOH, let the savings BEGIN! 
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KEEP On Teaching, Living, and Being Grateful for Each Other!
And to all my teacher friends everywhere, Thank you for what you do, everyday!
Gina, PerfettoWritingRoom (c) 


  1. Check out those logo buttons! Yay! Looks like fun! If Panera knew the grandeur of their clientele, they certainly would have given you each a free Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. Thanks for weathering the storm (and music) for teachers everywhere! Best of luck, TPT-ers!

  2. :) It was a great time. Thanks for coming out!