Monday, July 28, 2014

Dontcha HATE when you REALLY NEED Something??

Hi Secondary Folks and English Teachers!

I missed Blogging something awful!

TeachersPayTeachers has had me working night and day, making products.

One of the best and worst things about summer is low sales. It is terrible because, of course, no sales. It is great because, when no one is buying, you feel motivated to get all those other, equally important things done.

Things to Do When the Store is Empty
FILL it up...with products
Start to pin again in preparation for Fall
Redo those old-school covers.
Rethink some of your failed strategies - and maybe repackage some things?
Actually get out and enjoy yourself - holy cow! What a great idea...recharge that battery!

What do you need. What would you never want to make, recreate, or what resources do you value but struggle with finding? 

The product I made that I love the very most is my literary term glossary because is was, hands down, exceedingly difficult to make. It was also a labor of love, compiled with care, and I know (or at least at hope) that it is very useful. More useful say, than a general dictionary, or a high level dictionary of critical, literary and rhetorical terms that would be exhausting for a teacher to use.

Every once in a while as a teacher you think, GOSH, I really wish I could find ....and fill in the blank. Because if you had this thing, you KNOW it would help you when you were teaching or planning, and you know you'd use it over and over.

So what are those products for you??

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