Sunday, April 6, 2014

NEW ***TPT Tips TUESDAY*** From the Teaching and Selling Geniuses!

TPT Tips Tuesday - (Tips from the $1000-dollar club). 

Learn from the best, be a better teacher, writer and seller, and see what others are doing right!!!
WE here at PerfettoWritingRoom(c) love nothing more than to talk about words, writing, analysis, and ways to help writers and teachers enhance their world.

But we are now adding something to our lineup!!!!

Starting every TUESDAY, tune in to TPT TIPS TUESDAY. If you LOVE TPT, (selling, making products, or are interested in joining) you are going to love this new special feature with tips that have worked for successful teachers, writers, publishers, home-school moms, and folks just like you and me who simply love learning. Some lovely people make $1000 a month, others are gaining on $8000 a month or more. Let's celebrate them, learn from them, and take a gander at their great materials and stores, and support TpT and each other along the way. . .

1. Visit our thread if you'd like to contribute

TPT forum thread (you must be a tpt member!)

2. By all means, follow our Blog!
 Our Blog!      To Join us via Bloglovin'

Not a Member Yet? Let me refer you!

3. Read every Tuesday; no matter who you are, you are always welcome here in the PerfettoWritingRoom! (The door's always open).

4. If you have great advice on the forum, we'll get in touch and ask you if we can include you!

*Every contributor will get heard here
*You get name and store recognition and 
* your wonderful store gets linked right here

Come on in . . . the coffee's hot. And don't forget FEATURE FRIDAY, one of your favorite TpT people, over my place for a visit.

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