Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Characterization Master Course is DONE! And, "Name as Characterization" FREEBIE?

And yes, it is now available for purchase at

    Have you ever felt wrung out? Well, eighty pages later, that's how I feel. I think I MAY take a break for a few days!!

          but before I do, I want to leave you with a fun, easy to do and gosh, do I DARE do it again. . . FREE item for you that is inside my "Characterization Master Course."  It's fair to say it would be better if you could "grab it" as you go on other sites. Believe me I'm working on it! And if anyone has any ideas??? You are welcome to contact me at

This is my business email. You tell me how to post Freebies, and I'll start doing it! In the meantime, you can look below, or wait until it is posted on the store. I'll let you know when it's up for grabs.

The Sweet Spot in Names and Characterization

In the meantime. . . I was thinking about the agony and ecstasy of names, product marketing, and its relationship to characterization. Sadly, naming your character "Slim" because he's skinny is usually as unhelpful as calling him Dave.
    The key in my opinion is to do as Emily Dickinson suggestion. Tell the truth but tell it slant. Instead of naming someone ironically or literally. . .

Chose words that inspire the imagination but, as Dickinson suggested, are indeed slant.

     In the carefully organized "Characterization Master Course," every detail is considered, the methods or ways in which to indirectly characterize, for example. One of the lesser explored methods is through the naming of characters.
      I once wen tot a doctor named - don't we WISH we could make this - Dr. Lambert Woolley. I was not actually working on a character for a story, nor even working on a name worksheet at the time. And drats for that. But how rich, how silly, or fun, or interesting, to the extent that it gives the finder of such a name (in particular me) IDEAS for character!!! Now THAT's a great a day at the doctor's office.
      A FREE suggestion is complimentary for my readers. Please no reselling or sharing. This is for you along as a writer, or as a teacher for use in your classroom only! Very soon, I will figure out how to attach (Does blogger have this ability?) If any reader knows, let me know. Otherwise I'll come back and give you all the address for the free download!


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