Friday, December 6, 2013

The Reason for Inspiring Literary Posters?

I just created a very reasonably priced poster product on

The reason is simple.

Teachers have so much to do. Not much time to do it. And very little money to pay extra for any bells and whistles. It doesn't matter if you teach math, fitness, history, a foreign
language, English...

What you are really doing is so much larger. You multitask as, depending on the day, a stand-up-comedian, a lecturer, a facilitator, a mediator, a therapist, an editor, a computer geek and tech wizard, a friend, a chaplain, coach, a parent stand-in, and sometimes you are all of these things and more in one day.

Regardless of what subject you teach, LIFE and the APPROACH to LIFE is what often concerns a good teacher. You often wonder:

Will he give up or keep trying?
Will this student learn to enjoy the process more?
Can this student become more kind? More happy?
Can he learn to let go and stop worrying?
Will she learn to trust herself and her instincts more...she is so bright, but needs confidence!

AS teachers, beyond the "subject" there are deeper issues. It was an honor and pleasure to spend,
and I am not joking, a month in research on various sources, finding the perfect literary quotes.
In the end, I found ten for this teacherspayteachers posters of inspiration, kindness and wisdom. Not too many, not too little. I designed around the quotes, so teachers, librarians, or even department heads could post them wherever they would like. Then I made them as inexpensive as I could so that many people could use and enjoy them.

I want people to use them. I want the library, learning or writing center, reading or writing nook, any classroom to be a place where the eye rests on a place of encouragement, inspiration or kindness.

  • on a large themed bulletin board (Words of Wisdom from Literary Greats)
  • on the runner space above the black or white board
  • in the library, writing center, reading nook, on class doors or closet doors, next to the entryway to your classroom
  • individually to spark a writing prompt, journal activity and class discussion, or particular behavior in your class.

If Benjamin Franklin tells you not to fritter away time, perhaps you and your students will be filled with the sense of urgency. Your life IS important! And this includes all of your moments.
If Charles Lamb says the greatest joys are good deeds done secretly and found out about later, doesn't it encourage small acts of kindness? Of course there are more, but every positive note, inspiring quote, is helpful. Your students need it. You need it. So do it, and that is probably why I made them...
If Cervantes says that the sky is the limit...well then just maybe a student will think twice before limiting him or herself.

A little kindness and inspiration goes a long way in the world.

Thank you for reading.

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