Monday, November 25, 2013

Cyber Monday Approaches, AND "Retro"- "The 4-Senses - Top-Secret Writing Activity" is now posted!!!

Hi Everyone!
Before I say anything, please note that cyber Monday is coming up. If there is anything you wanted or had your eye on, I am throwing a sale and every store item is 20% off. Simply go to my store December 2,December 3, December 4, and December 5. EVERYTHING is on sale!

While I mentioned the other day about a retro writing activity you can do in class, one your students will absolutely love, I hadn't yet gotten it together on the website. Well it is now there for you in downloadable form!

While I call this a "retro" short story writing assignment because it uses brown paper bags and items from your home reminiscent of an old-timey grab bag, please know this can be modern.

 There is no reason they can't use technology. In fact, there is no reason this can't be done in class for foreign languages, for ESL, for special needs classes, or with certain modifications, for a history class.

I have taken the liberty of creating a LOW-COST version and a FREE version. There's no reason that my top activity shouldn't be shared because someone can't afford it. For those teachers, writers, or editors who do want the low-cost version, it comes with extras, like story-starter ideas in case students or writers get stuck, a five-day lesson plan complete with common core anchor standards so all you need to do is teach, and helpful tips, strategies and suggestions on how to choose those right items to make the activity more of a success from start to finish.

The free version is a stripped down version. This being said, it has, as does the low-cost version, the same cover page and the FOUR-PART timed writing assignments. It has none of the extras, but you can still do the assignment!

Feel free to go to

To see BOTH products....

A special thanks to both sunnydaze, for her borders, and to for their lovely loose leaf digital paper used in the product. BOTH of their work is available for purchase at teacherspayteachers.

Here is what the finished product looks like!

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