Thursday, August 15, 2013

Welcome to PerfettoWritingRoom!

Welcome to PerfettoWritingRoom.                                                                          August 15, 2013

I decided to share my writing prompts, tips and lessons for teaching students about the writing process only a few months ago.

My ancillary materials, overview sheets, introductory lessons, lecture notes, activities - ANYTHING I produce - is usually different than a majority of what you'll find online for a variety of reasons.

 - My creative writing materials are definitely fun. They additionally originate from years of experience
    utilizing the workshop model, scaffolding techniques, and teaching from the perspective that writing is a
    serious art form that can result in publication. Students should find creative writing class engaging and 
    challenging. And ultimately, they should leave with skills that they can apply to other classes, whether it be
    their Expository Writing or History class or their SATs. They should learn new skills, and should respect
    the art of writing, its craft, the components that make it up.  

- The materials are of the highest quality, encouraging students to engage in creativity, higher critical thinking,
   develop a stronger grasp on literary terms, tropes and devices, and culminate in a students' writing full-
   length short stories.

- The philosophy is simple. Art of any type, painting, throwing a perfect curve ball, writing the best sonnet or short story is lots of fun. but some of the time, it is difficult. What drives the person to keep going back is the love of the game, or love of the art. Students and even teachers have come to think of gym or creative writing class as the "Easy A" class. It is not. The Easy A class may be the only class where the student, if he or she loves the work, does not mind working hard to get the A. If you expect the world of them, you just might get it.

What I offer is challenging overviews, lectures, lessons, and activities for the discerning teacher who wants their students eventually to write full length stories, learn about and attempt publication and even have their own reading of "best works."

That being said...If you need seating charts, I have those, too. 

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