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Thank you for visiting my blog, the PerfettoWritingRoom, and stopping in to learn about me. I'm Gina, and I've been a writer since I was eleven, splicing horrible sing-songy rhyming poems together with even worse sketch art into mangled booklets as gifts for my mother. I've managed some publications in short fiction and have even improved over the years, having earned a BA and MA in English, always with a focus in writing. I've won an award for reporting and most recently gotten a Liebster for this blog:)

I live in NJ, and have taught over eight years, overseas, in NJ, in public and private high schools, and at the college level, usually while working in my own private tutoring company. Some of my most exciting experiences teaching were starting a girl's language club while I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia, and holding an evening salon of original short stories for my fiction class at The Holy Family Academy in Bayonne, NJ. While the school sadly has closed in 2013, I will always cherish those students and the opportunities they provided me to be a better teacher.

I work full-time creating writing prompts, specialty glossaries, writing activities, lessons, organizational materials and more for teachers of grades 7-16, and writing materials for writers of all ages and stages.My favorite products by far are my writing prompts, my writer's workshop introduction, and my literary terms glossary.

My blog posts are meant to be instructionals, informative bits of information that you may NEVER have known before - always interesting and elucidating. While I made those terrible "poetry-sketch" franken-amalgams as a child, I also used to LOVE LOVE words: any word that to me was new, funny, or interesting, I'd compile. I had lists and later, pages of words. 
My love of words, and of compilation, is often found in my blog posts. The history of the sonnet, the Petrarchan Conventions, an overview of figurative language - if you love learning about English...I hope you'll love what you learn here at the PerfettoWritingRoom!!! PLEASE come and visit us every Tuesday for TPT Tips for Tuesday and every Friday for FEATURE FRIDAY, when we talk with other Secondary English Sellers about products, trends, education, writing, and teaching tips!!!

I live in Monmouth County New Jersey with my husband Gene, our hard workin' garden, and my cat Dude, who abides as my little friend as I work in the PerfettoWritingRoom.

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